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Time Capsule of Elegance and Charm in Nontron France 

Picture this: a townhouse that's been standing tall since the 18th and 19th centuries, proudly showcasing its classical architecture and boasting a view that will make your jaw drop.

Property Images Courtesy of PatriceBesse
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With three floors, a basement that holds secrets from the past, and a loft space just waiting to be transformed, this place is not your ordinary abode – it's a piece of living history! 

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As you enter, the ground floor greets you with open arms, leading you to a lounge and a fully fitted kitchen, where large French windows spill sunlight onto a terrace and a garden that could double as a scene from a fairy tale. 

Move up to the first and second floors, and you'll find spacious bedrooms, a charming office, and a bathroom that whispers tales of luxury. 

The attic, oh the potential it holds, reachable through a quaint wooden staircase that begs for exploration. 

And let's not forget the historical cellar – because every good story has layers! 

Step outside onto the terrace, shaded by an acacia tree, and let the enchantment continue as you gaze upon a well-maintained garden surrounded by old rampart walls. 


Property Details:


Currency conversions (as of Jan. 2024)

$383k USD | £301k GBP | $514k CAD | $573k AUD)

Beds: 5

Baths: 3

Area: 218.8 m2

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LOCATION: Nontron France

About the Area

While the Périgord Noir area takes the limelight in France's Dordogne department, the quiet beauty of Périgord Vert often remains hidden. Nestled within the Périgord-Limousin regional nature park, the town of Nontron beckons with a historic townhouse, blending rich heritage and captivating features. Join us as we delve into the charm of Nontron and its unique property.

Merely an hour's drive from Limoges airport and hospital, and just 50 minutes from Angoulême with its high-speed train station, Nontron offers both tranquility and convenience. Tucked away in the heart of the town, the property stands close to shops, a perfect blend of historical allure and modern accessibility.

Nontron, the local administrative hub, is crafted around a chateau on a rocky perch overlooking the River Bandiat valley. Renowned for its luxury craftsmanship, the town hosts world-class firms specializing in cutlery, tableware, saddlery, and leather goods. Beyond that, Nontron hosts regular fairs celebrating artisans from across France and is a key stop on the 'Flow Vélo' cycle route, making it a haven for history enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike.

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{This post contains Affiliate Links}


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