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Secret's Out: Salento is Italy's new IT Spot

Welcome to the region that's no longer the hidden gem of Italy (thanks to Instagram)

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Located in the southern part of Italy's Puglia region, Salento has long been a “hidden gem” known mainly only to Italian and European holiday makers. However it’s been rapidly gaining in popularity with the rest of the world in recent years, likely due to its extreme "grammability".

So, what’s the appeal?

Eye Candy

Salento’s unique blend of history, geography, culture and architecture that will leave you enchanted. From the iconic "trulli" homes to the grand "masserias" (or farmhouses), its architecture is an eclectic mix of Greek, Roman, and Norman influences, relying on the heavy use of local materials such as limestone and tufa rock. Explore Salento's rich history and culture, with many ancient ruins, castles, and churches to discover. And the coastline, spanning both the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, are some of the most spectacular in all of Europe.

Image: Maximus Virgil

Cool Vibes

Experience the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle of Salento. The warm Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea make it the perfect destination for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The locals are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, and the area is rich in cultural traditions and festivals. The region is also known for its traditional music, particularly the "pizzica" dance, and the famous "taranta" music, which is performed during the summer months.

Image: Mathilde Ro

Mouthwatering Cuisine

Foodies will love Salento's traditional cuisine, known for its simplicity and use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Indulge in dishes such as pasta with seafood, "panzerotti" (a type of fried pizza dough filled with mozzarella cheese), and the famous "orecchiette" pasta with "turnip greens" and "cime di rape" (broccoli rabe).

Want a Piece of the Action in Salento?

As always, along with an influx of popularity and tourism comes the demand for real estate and the market in Salento has seen steady growth in recent years. The market offers a mix of traditional and modern properties, with a wide range of prices. Traditional stone houses, known as "trulli" and "masserie" are among the most sought-after properties and can be quite expensive, but also a great investment opportunity. Prices for properties vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property, with properties in the most popular towns being more expensive.

Never fear, there are still plenty of bargains to be found. Bargain Homes Abroad's got your back! Here are a couple of affordable yet fabulous examples we found for sale (Winter 2023)...


€63,000 | 1 Bed + 1 Bath

Matino Italy

Nestled in the historic center of Matino within walking distance of all the up and coming shops and restaurants, sits this traditional ground floor town home. Boasting classic barrel vault ceilings and cement floors, this little cutie would make the perfect holiday home or rental investment.

Source: Coldwell Banker IT

Matino is a town situated in the province of Lecce with a population of around 20,000 people. Known for its historic center, it features traditional architecture and winding streets. The town also has a beautiful coastline and several beaches, making it a popular destination for tourists. Matino is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, and is known for its production of olive oil and wine. The town also has several churches and other religious buildings, including the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which dates back to the 17th century.


Plan Your Own Escape to Italy!


180,000 | 4 Beds + 4 Baths

Racale, Italy

From the Listing: "Racale, in the historic center, in one of the most important and characteristic streets of the town, we offer for sale a 19th century property, ideal for b&b activities or period residences consisting of an entrance courtyard, 4 bedrooms with two of which with living room and kitchenette. Inside you can breathe history but at the same time there are all modern comforts. The property with typical star and barrel vaults also has important frescoes dating back to the time of construction and has been finely restored and furnished. Solar area of ​​exclusive property. Air-conditioned. Ties present. It is sold furnished except for personal items.

Source: Casa Service Plus

Take a Video Tour of this Property

Racale is a small town situated in the province of Lecce, and has a population of around 8,000 people. Racale is known for its historic center which features traditional architecture, winding streets, and several churches, including the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Church of San Nicola. Racale is home to the "Castello di Racale" a medieval castle which is a popular tourist attraction. The town also has a lively cultural scene with several events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year. Racale is only 8 km from the sea, 15 km from the beaches of Gallipoli, it is only 45 km from Otranto, Brindisi airport is 80 km away and Bari airport is 150 km away.

Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Time to Discovery Salento!


$62 per night | Sleeps 2

Patù, Italy

From VRBO Listing: "La Lella is a typical Salentine house, located on the edge of the historic center of Patù, a few steps from the monument of Centopietre, nestled between the houses of Vico Galliani, a courtyard closed to traffic where the space appears surreal and time suspended.

The construction dates back to 1700 and is the result of a conservative recovery by the restorer of Salento Gianluca Lecci (Mather Italy), completed in spring 2017.

The house consists of two rooms connected by a small courtyard: the first room, with double vaulted ceilings, is composed of a living room in typical Salento style, very nice and functional, with a small bathroom; in the second room, with a vaulted vault and a barrel vault, a double room has been created with a sumptuous brickwork bed and a frescoed bathroom with a material painting and a shower with a handmade mosaic tub.

From the stone steps of the small courtyard leads to the large terrace, divided into two areas (sun and shadow area) connected by a characteristic wrought iron footbridge.

La Lella is ideal for a couple who want to experience the Salento atmosphere in the most authentic way possible. The beauty of the home, the care for details, the refinement of the materials, the artistic references, the nuances and the play of light day after day will make you discover in a different way, creating that alchemy of sensations and emotions that only a home of the gender can transmit to its privileged guests."

Source: VRBO

Find Alternate Vacation Rental Escapes in Salento!

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{This article contains affiliate links}


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