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Aquatic living in Portugal for €145,000

Purchase this houseboat in the Algarve region of Portugal for 145k Euros

Perhaps this could potentially be a more economical housing alternative to the soaring prices in the Algarve of Southern Portugal. Although...the annual cost of dramamine and ginger chews may offset the initial savings?

The Details


1 Bed • 1 Bath

Location: Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal

Population: 20,000

The Area

(Source: Travel in Portugal) The border town of Vila Real de Santo António sits just across the Guadiana river from the Spanish town of Ayamonte. In years gone by this was on the main route from the Algarve to Spain with the only the 20 minute ferry ride shuttling visitors back and forth. This is still the nicest way to travel between the two towns / countries but since the 1990s there has been a four lane suspension bridge a couple of km up the river.

Source: Casas do Sotavento


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