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Embrace Nordic Nostalgia in Likenäs Sweden

This Vintage Chic Red Barn Is Redefining Rustic In The Very Best Way

Property Images Courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån
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Close your eyes and picture this:

You're surrounded by the woody and picturesque wilderness of Klarälvdalen, Likenäs (Sweden), its untamed beauty and abundant outdoor adventures begging you to enjoy. In the very heart of this natural wonderland, there lies a charming two-story villa with a historic nod to the '20's, waiting to tell its story to those seeking a unique blend of history and modern comfort. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Klarälven river and Branä's ski resort, all seasons become your playland in this Scandanavian sanctuary.

Time manages to stand still here, where an abundance of sweet 1920s details that make this home feel oh-so-special have been meticulously maintained. Wood floors, painted panels, and pine ceilings give each room a unique personality.

The entrance level is spacious and inviting, with a cozy family room and a living room that is as bright and airy as the open woods that surround you when all the autumn leaves have fallen and the branches are now bare - a blank canvas that will be ready to bloom again when spring arrives. The living room, another bright room with windows facing in two directions, also welcomes you in. A roomy bedroom also sits down the hall, and a separate water closet and shower room complete the floor.

Head upstairs, and the vintage vibes continue in the remaining two bedrooms, complete with charming wallpapers and laser-cut wooden floors.

The kitchen is a blast from the past too, equipped with older appliances that add a touch of nostalgia to your culinary adventures.

The basement is your canvas, waiting for your personal touch. Accessed from the outside, this countryside cellar is largely unfurnished space. With electricity and radiators, it can be used as so much more than storage, however – it's a potential hangout spot or creative haven.

Quick heads up: while the water pipes are in, the source might need a little attention. If it runs dry, you've got options – drill for new water or connect to the town supply. Easy peasy!

For those with an appreciation for history, a love of nature, and a desire for a unique home, this Likenäs villa is postcard perfect. Come, explore, and make this vintage gem your own.

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Property Details:

Auction bidding starts at 450,000 kr (About $43k USD)

3 BD | 1BA | 70m2

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LOCATION: Likenäs Torsby Sweden

Likenäs, nestled in Torsby, Sweden, captivates with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. This idyllic town is surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Klarälvdalen's wilderness, offering a haven for nature lovers. The Klarälven river flows nearby, providing serene waters for relaxation and outdoor activities.

In the vicinity, Branä's ski resort stands as a winter wonderland, inviting enthusiasts to indulge in snowy adventures. The convenience of Sysslebäck's services adds a touch of practicality to this picturesque setting. Likenäs unfolds as a tranquil escape, where vintage homes and cabins harmonize with the surrounding greenery, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you're seeking outdoor exploration, a cozy retreat, or a taste of Swedish countryside living, Likenäs and its surroundings beckon with a promise of tranquility and natural splendor.

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Villa Torsby Sweden

Cottage Torsby Sweden

{This post contains Affiliate Links}


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