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A new life (and business) in France

Armchair Expat Series: Why this UK native moved his life and business to France

In this casual conversation over Instagram LIVE, Shannon of @BargainHomesAbroad chats with Rupert Springfield of Gite Guru about his motivation for moving to France, the process of finding the perfect property and setting up a 5 star luxury holiday rental business.

About Rupert & Franck

Rupert and his partner Franck decided to give up their careers and city-living to move to rural France, becoming dependent on the income from renting out holiday homes. It was therefore crucial that they made it succeed from the start. They spent two years looking for the perfect property, eight months renovating it and we opened Le Mas & Le Mazet in 2016.

Where to find Rupert

Instagram: @Gite.Guru & @mazmazet


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